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Wave Soldering >> HTM SERIES
Wave Soldering
HTM series provides the full range of high quality and preformance Wave Soldering system which can handle PCB or pallets width from 350mm, 450mm to 610mm, It can meet 95% customers’ requirements on THT soldering in the world. Meanwhile, HT is able to offer our customers for full THT line one stop solution from Insertion lines, wave soldering system to belt production line even solder bars which can help our customers to save time and cost. The proved performance was widely recognized by more and more multi-national corprations.

Our advantage Highlights:
●We provide the various methods to deal with the different application and processes, aim to reduce the flux  
   usage and improve the soldering quality,Includes Air spraying system, Ultrasonic spraying or  Selective Flux
   spraying system, it can be built-in or external stand alone.

●Up to 80kg full-loading capabilities for long terms use (Option),
   Special designed conveyors and fingers for working environment of high temperature and heavy duty, the
   reliabilities and stabilities were proved by hundreds of wave machines in production worldwidely.

●Flexible preheating combination for different processes: IR, forced convection and topside preheaters

●Long life full Titanium Alloy structures for lead free solder with innovative low solder dross design
   Minimizes temperature drop between two waves, minimizes temperature change in waves

1.Individual Temperature controlling Topside IR or Hot Air Preheating Zones
2.Full Wire Board Center Support
3.Heavy Duty Conveyor System
4.Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Spraying System
5.Industrial Water Chiller
6.Nitrogen System

Solder Wave

Solder Pot

Heavy Duty Conveyor System

Sono-Tek Ultrasonic Spray system

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