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Reflow Oven >> HTS SERIES
Convection Reflow Oven
HTS series of high performance and throughput reflow soldering system is increasingly wide use in global major markets The combination of the many years expenerice, innovation and expertise to develop HTS Reflow system which is based on future-oriented and customers’need  HT focus on providing electronics manufacturers with high efficiency, high precision ,energy saving and cost effective to enhance the competitiveness of our customers in today’s most complex and challenging global marketplace.

To deal with the demand for various clients and different soldering processes, HTS series provides 6 ,8,10 and 12 –zone air or nitrogen system even dual lane solution and comprhensive options, for example: center board support, large board 610mm width…etc
Our warranty for Reflow oven is:
5 Years on Blower Motors and Heaters
2 Years for whole system
1 Year labor
Major Standard Features:
18’ Max.PCB width handling,
300℃ Maximum Temperature setting
7 years warranty on the heaters and blower motors
Patented Hot air forced convection system
Automatic Chain Lubrication System
Double Pin Chain for extra protection
Subsection Integrated Rails with Utra-Parallel Conveyors
Easy to maintain on cooling zones
SMEMA Interface

Major Optional Features:
Large Board Center Support System
Dual Lane with individual conveyor speed controlling
KIC 24/7 Thermal Monitoring System
Auto timer and Automatic conveyor width adjustment
Flux Management System
Low Nitrogen consumption structure

Center Board Support

Flux Management System

Nitrogen System

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